program forms

Thank you for enrolling in the Remote EFT program!

I am so honored to be part of your commitment to deeper learning!

As part of our working relationship, it is important that you read, understand and agree to the following two documents:


(1) Service Agreement

(2) Waiver


Each one takes a few minutes to read and contains important information of which you should be aware. So please plan on spending 10-15 minutes going through them.


Open and clear communication is part of any strong relationship and it is so important to me that I maintain this with you at all times.


To begin, click the document icon for each of the forms below. They will open in separate window.


Please read, review and sign each of them before our first session.

Service Agreement


I realize that those two legal documents are long and parts may be unsettling. They cover a wide range of possible situations, many of which will not and may never apply to you.


It provides the framework for understanding the possible risks and the positive benefits of the Services you will receive, allowing us to build and move forward with a strong foundation of transparency, honesty and trust.

I look forward to working together!


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